• Commercial buildings,  Greece

    The woolly warehouse

    Decades have gone by since the doors last were opened in this large building complex. Now big sacks of wool, are being covered with dust, together with the old three wheeled van, that brought them there. Industrial area full of abandoned buildings, that probably was bursting with life 50 years ago.

  • Germany,  Infrastructure,  World War II

    Karnin lift bridge

    The remains of Karnin Lift Bridge, (or Hubbr├╝cke Karnin, as it is called in German), is situated in the middle of the Peenestrom estuary in North Germany. The bridge was built with rust-resistant steel in 1932 (opened in 1933), and…

  • Denmark,  Military,  World War II

    German WWII Radar

    Bornholm is situated between Sweden, Germany and Poland, and all traffic between Russias baltic ports and the rest of the world must pass the island. Therefore the Germans had placed a radar, two submarine listening posts and began the construction…

  • Ikke kategoriseret

    Duke of Lancaster

    The Duke of Lancaster was a dream, that ended up going horribly wrong. She started out as a regular Turbine Steam powered railway ship, and was built in 1956. The “London Midland and Scottish Railway Company” operated her on a…

  • Commercial buildings,  Denmark

    The ammonia tank

    Near the harbour in Odense, there is a giant ammonia tank. It’s hard to find information about it, but a bit of research has given the following information: It’s built sometime between 1960 and 1965, and was owned in partnership…