Castles, Forts and Military complexes,  Denmark

Camp Century

Secret American military base established in 1959, and abandoned in 1967.

Nuclear reactor and a dieselpowered generator.

The plan was to excavate 2.500 miles of tunnels in the snow, and be able to store and launch 600 nuclear missiles.

The base had a cinema, chapel and kitchen Burried under metres of melting snow

Global warming will reveal its remains, and scientists are warning about the dangers of the environmental hazards that will come when the remains thaw.

It has been estimated that there is buried 20.000 liters of chemical waste, together with 24.000.000 liters of biological waste (some of this is untreated sewage, from latrines and kitchen waste)

How to visit:

You can’t, since it’s buried under several metres of snow.
However global warning means that in the last many years, more snow and ice has been melting, than accumulating, and if this continues, Camp Century will appear in a few decades.

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