• Infrastructure,  Mississippi,  Trains, Tracks and Stations

    Yazoo River Swing Railroad Bridge

    The 1944 Yazoo River Railroad Swing Bridge

    The Bates & Rogers Construction Co. in Chicago built the Yazoo river Swing railroad bridge for the Yazoo & Mississippi Railroad in 1944. It replaced the original drawbridge from 1905. Today it is closed, the tracks are removed, and it is standing in the open position, so boats can pass unhindered. If you have any more information about this impressive bridge, please share in the comment section below.

  • Castles, Forts and Military complexes,  Denmark

    Camp Century

    Secret American military base established in 1959, and abandoned in 1967. Nuclear reactor and a dieselpowered generator. The plan was to excavate 2.500 miles of tunnels in the snow, and be able to store and launch 600 nuclear missiles. The…

  • Garages, Shops and Petrol stations,  Oklahoma

    The whale car wash

    Built on the corner of Northwest 50th Street and North Meridian Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma around 1970 Not much is known about the eye caching structure, and today it has been torn down, so any information would be more than…

  • Factories,  India

    Bengal Enamel Works LTD

    Bengal Enamel Works Limited had a large factory just outside Calcutta. They produced a long row of enamel signs and products. The Indian army bought their Enamel plates from Bengal Enamel Works, and the factory also produced the “ESSO Elephant…

  • Lascaux cavepainings
    Caves,  France

    Lascaux caves

    Rediscovered by 18 year old Marcel Ravidat, on the 12th of September 1940, when his dog fell into a hole in the ground.He returned with three friends and discovered a 15 metre shaft, that led to a cave full of…

  • The remains of the Kinzua bridge
    Pennsylvania,  Trains, Tracks and Stations

    Kinzua Bridge

    The Kinzua Bridge was hailed as the “Eighth wonder of the world”, when it was built in 1882. Back then it was the tallest bridge in the world. A record it only held in two years. The original bridge was…

  • Castles, Forts and Military complexes,  England

    RAF Stenigot

    RAF base built in 1938, and was a part of the “Chain Home Network” during the second world war. In the beginning the radar consisted of eight tower antennae. Four transmitters and four receivers. There were used to detect incoming…