• The remains of the Kinzua bridge
    Pennsylvania,  Trains, Tracks and Stations

    Kinzua Bridge

    The Kinzua Bridge was hailed as the “Eighth wonder of the world”, when it was built in 1882. Back then it was the tallest bridge in the world. A record it only held in two years. The original bridge was…

  • Michigan,  Ships, Submarines and Harbors


    A 49m long wooden bulk freighter, built in 1872, as a double decked wooden bulk freighter, and christened Ira H. Owen.It was built by Linn and Craig in Gibraltar, Michigan.In 1882 it was rebuilt as a single decked lumber carrier,…

  • Japan,  Powerplants


    Fukushima is a Japanese prefecture, with a population of almost 2.000.000 inhabitants, but didn’t get much attention before the “2011 Tōhoku earthquake” and the following tsunami, that ultimately resulted in a partial nuclear meltdown at the “Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power…

  • Infrastructure,  Sweden

    Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant

    The Swedish nuclear powerplant Barsebäck lies a short distance from Malmö, and is visible from the danish capital Copenhagen. The powerplant was built in the 1970’s, and in 1974, 1200 people were involved in the construction. The powerplant was shut…

  • Malta,  Ships, Submarines and Harbors


    Bunkering tanker built in 1965 Beached during a storm on febuary 10th 2018 The anker appeared to have broken early in the morning, and thereafter it was beached at around 05:15 in the morning. The seven member crew all survived…

  • Denmark,  Ships, Submarines and Harbors

    Russian Submarine

    Just of the coast of Bornholm, lies a sunken whiskey class submarine. It was one of many soviet submarines, that were dismantled, and was on its way from Russia to Nakskov.When it passed the island of Bornholm, on the 14th…