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Michigan Central Station

Detroit’s Pride and the worlds tallest railway station, when it was built in 1914, after the original depot caught fire in December 1913.

At the beginning of the 20th century 4000 passengers arrived or left the station aboard no less than 200 trains, every single day.
3000 people worked in offices on the buildings many floors.

Open until the 5th of January 1988, when the last train left the already semi abandoned station for the last time.


After 40 years of abandonment, decay, and a series of failed attempts, it looks like the station building will be saved.
In 2018 the building was bought by Ford, and it will now be transformed into a Campus for research on autonomous and electric vehicles.

Michigan Central Station – 2018

In the news

BBC had a very good online article about the station here.

CBS interviews Bill Ford Jr, and gets a tour of the building in june 2018

MCS as a filmset

The Michigan Central Station, has been used in countless movies.

Some of the largest have been Transformers, The Island and Batman vs. Superman.

Where to find the train station

2001 15th St., Detroit, Michigan, USA

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