Commercial buildings,  Denmark

The ammonia tank

Near the harbour in Odense, there is a giant ammonia tank.

It’s hard to find information about it, but a bit of research has given the following information:

It’s built sometime between 1960 and 1965, and was owned in partnership by the two competitors “Det Danske Gødningskompagni” and Dansk Andels Gødningsforretning” (aka DAG).
There was only one employee to take care of the ammonia depot.

The fluid ammonia was transported to the tank by boat, were it was kept until farmers bought it to spread on there fields. The ammonia was delivered at the farms in smaller pressurized tanks.
This type of delivery ended around 1970, where the farmers got their own tanks, that were filled directly by trucks from the ammonia factory at “Lyngs Odde”.

The petrol company “Haahr” might have owned it in som period of time, but I’m not sure.

If you have any information about this impressive tank, please leave a comment below!

The ammonia tank.

The spiral staircase.


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