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German WWII Radar

Bornholm is situated between Sweden, Germany and Poland, and all traffic between Russias baltic ports and the rest of the world must pass the island.

Therefore the Germans had placed a radar, two submarine listening posts and began the construction of 4 large cannon bunkers on the small island.

The type of radar was called a FuMG404 Jagdschloss panorama radar.

The radar antenna was 24 meters wide and 5 meters tall (12m with the building itself), and weighed between 25 and 30 ton.
It was rotated at 10 RPM.

Planes could be detected up to 80-200 km away, (depending on the targets flight altitude) at a 300 meter resolution.

It had the following specifications:

  • 7° Horizontational angle
  • 60° Vertical angle
  • 158-240 MHz Frequency
  • 150kW pulse power
  • 2 Microsecond pulse
  • 128 element array antenna
  • 75kW Antenna rotor
GEMA began developing the radar type in 1937, and Siemens built 62 of them from 1943, and to the end of the war.
The designer and developer was Theodor Schultes (1901 – 1981)..

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